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Hey! I am Anandi Bhargava, a passionate and driven photographer.

Welcome to my creative space!

I have experience in collaborating with brands to create aesthetic and enthralling images which resonate with their brand values and target audience.


Aiming to approach every project with professionalism and dedication. I live to create images which leave a deep and meaningful impact on every viewer. Photography has propelled me towards understanding and viewing life in unique way by exposing me to various situations, people and places which instil more passion, zeal and knowledge into my craft. These experiences enable me to hone my skills and apply them professionally to create exquisite visual experiences. 


I have an affinity towards travelling, exploring and adventure, it brings out the best version of me as an artist and is a source of inspiration. It enables me to observe and absorb all facets of life, including culture, nature, innovation and creativity.


I believe that minimalism creates maximum effect, therefore my style focuses on keeping the compositions and elements in a frame simple yet impactful, however I always prioritise the needs and requirements of the clients, and make it a goal to create an amalgamation of our visions to produce immense satisfaction with the final outcome.  


I am sharing some of my work which is a product of my deep engagement and involvement displaying many dimensions of my interest, imagination and perspective. 

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